Planning something special and looking for that icing on the cake? Our team will take care of the decoration that will add charm to your event and turn it into a real visual experience.

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Birthday decoration

Birthday decorations contribute to an unforgettable atmosphere and make your day extra memorable. We’ll be by your side when it comes to choosing the theme, and our chefs will provide delicious treats. We are committed to creating a pleasant environment where you and your guests can truly enjoy yourselves. Celebrate with us and turn your birthday into an unforgettable experience.

Wedding decoration

Our wedding decorations will add unforgettable charm to your day. With a professional approach to the choice of theme and decoration, and first-class cuisine, we will make your day unique. The atmosphere we create is unsurpassed as we focus on your enjoyment and comfort. Join us and create a wedding fairytale to remember forever.

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What about fine cuisine?

Don’t let the exceptional decoration of your event go without a proper culinary accompaniment. Fine cuisine is the key to a perfect experience, because the real magic happens when delicious dishes are combined with a charming ambience.


We can provide different styles of decoration for weddings depending on the wishes and preferences of our clients. Options include classic, elegant decoration with candles, flowers and white shades; rustic decoration with natural elements such as wooden accessories and wild flowers; vintage decoration with antique ornaments, lace and retro details; modern decoration with clean lines, minimalist accessories and bright colours; themed decoration according to a special theme; or fairytale decoration with magical details and stunning elements. Our aim is to create a decoration that reflects the personality and wishes of the couple, creating an unforgettable and magical space for their special day.

The event decoration process usually starts with a consultation with the client to understand their wishes, the theme of the event and the budget. We then plan and design the decoration according to these parameters. The next step is to obtain the necessary materials such as decorations, tables, chairs, flowers, etc. Once all the materials are ready, the set-up of the decoration at the event venue is carried out, carefully taking into account the aesthetics, the layout of the space and the wishes of the client. Any adjustments or additions to the decoration may be made during the event to ensure that everything looks perfect and appropriate. After the event, the decorations shall be cleaned up and removed from the venue. Throughout the process, the client is communicated with regularly to ensure that the decoration is in line with their expectations and wishes.

The price of birthday decorations depends on the size of the room and your requirements. Every birthday is unique so let’s discuss a budget to make it easier. For more information please send an enquiry.

Yes, event decoration is extremely important as it can have a significant impact on the atmosphere, the guest experience and the overall impression of the event. High-quality decoration can create an attractive and harmonious space that reflects the theme, style and atmosphere of the event and helps to create memorable moments. In addition, properly planned decoration can add aesthetic value, put the event venue in the right light and highlight important elements or details. In this way, decoration can provide a memorable and unique experience for guests and help to create a lasting impression that will be remembered for a long time. That is why we consider decoration at an event to be almost a necessity.

For our catering events, we do our best to use floral arrangements and natural decorations to complement the atmosphere of the celebration. Flowers for the tables: Fresh and colourful flower arrangements on the guests’ tables create a magical and welcoming atmosphere. Decorative entrance: Flowers at the entrance or in the reception area warmly welcome guests and bring them into the action. Floral accessories: Subtle floral accessories, such as single flowers in vases or decorative petals, add a touch of nature and beauty.

We will explore the possibilities for creating a minimalist decoration that, despite its simplicity, creates an outstanding visual impact, focusing on clean lines, a limited colour palette and a thoughtful arrangement of elements that allows each element to stand out and complement the overall aesthetic of the space.

Decoration plays a key role in creating photogenic moments at an event, as aesthetically appealing and thoughtfully placed decoration can add visual interest and serve as a backdrop for photography. Photogenic decoration can include eye-catching backdrops such as floral walls, decorated arbors or special photo corners with themed elements. In addition, the decoration may also consist of tables with aesthetically arranged dishes and accessories, creating opportunities to create attractive food shots. The thoughtful placement of decorative elements and the use of lighting create photogenic corners that encourage guests to take photos and share their experience on social networks, contributing to the promotion of the event.

Client-team coordination in the planning and execution of the decoration is achieved through regular communication, a thorough understanding of the client’s wishes and expectations, a joint review of the plan and adjustments based on client feedback. Close collaboration and flexibility ensure that the final decoration is in line with expectations and creates the desired atmosphere for the event.

Themed wedding decoration allows you to create a unique atmosphere that is perfectly adapted to the wishes and style of the newlyweds. You can opt for a rustic atmosphere created by natural materials, a vintage feel with antique decorations, a glamorous atmosphere with glitzy accessories or opt for a clean and minimalist decoration in a black and white colour scheme. The possibilities are almost endless, the only important thing is to choose a theme that matches your preferences and style and creates an atmosphere in which the newlyweds feel comfortable and relaxed.