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Food truck

Food truck

Our food truck is tailored to the needs of film crews. With a variety of tasty dishes, we allow you to stay focused on your work. With our experienced staff, we’ll make sure your shoot is carefree and full of delicious moments.

Kraft truck

The Kraft truck is the heart of every filming location, offering fresh snacks, quality coffee and juicy fruit to bring every shoot to life. Ready for any challenge, we ensure your team is energised and in high spirits at all times.

Postrežba iz kraft vozila


By preparing dishes on location, we eliminate problems such as dishes becoming stale and wilted salads. We’re committed to quality, hot meals, tasty drinks and a team of good spirits, no matter where we’re filming.

Recording in
the studio

By serving hot and tasty meals directly in the studio, we make long days of filming easier and smoother.                         

Everything for a perfect shoot

We are committed to delivering excellence and freshness, which is key to keeping your team energised. Our range of light snacks and hearty meals is tailored to the dynamics of filming sets and caters for a variety of dietary needs. Choose us for your next project and feel the difference our expertise and dedication makes.

Prilagodljiv čas obrokov ikona

Flexible meal times

Our catering ensures that your team is full and energised from the very start of the shoot, right from the early hours of the morning.

Mobilna kuhinja ikona

Mobile kitchen

Our diverse fleet of vehicles ensures food can be delivered anywhere. Mobile catering can be the ideal solution for your needs

Kraft vozilo ikona

Kraft truck

Our kraft truck is the heart of every film set, providing delicious snacks, premium coffee and fresh fruit.

catering na snemanjih

What about food styling?

We can help you there too! Food styling is a key element of professional photography and video productions. It is the art of presenting food in the best light on screen, attracting the eye and whetting the appetite of viewers.

First to come, last to go

Every filming project we are part of becomes a culinary experience. Our kraft team, known for their early arrivals and late departures, provides top-notch filming support. Whatever the requirements; with our dedication and wide range of food and drink, we always cater for all tastes.

Gorsko snemanje
Catering ponoči

Taste the difference

Ready to create unforgettable moments? Make an enquiry and together we’ll create your perfect event.


Yes, our catering services are available at various locations. We make sure that the food is fresh, tasty and suitable for the needs of your shoot. Whether the shoot takes place in a studio, outdoors or at any other location, we are ready to provide adequate catering for all participants. Our team is flexible and can tailor our services to suit your needs and filming schedule.

Food is always fresh. Our catering focuses on providing the highest quality food that is fresh, tasty and prepared in a way that suits the needs and tastes of everyone involved in the shoot. Our team goes to great lengths to prepare the food just before serving, so you can enjoy the best possible freshness and taste.

Of course, we have a food truck with state-of-the-art equipment! Our food truck is equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen that allows us to prepare fresh and tasty meals right on the set of your shoot. We are happy to tailor our offer to suit your wishes and the needs of your event.

Yes, we can arrange food styling. Our team has provided this service many times and has experience in styling food so that it looks fabulous on camera. We will be happy to work with you to design and position the food so that it stands out and meets your aesthetic standards.

Catering on shoots is mainly fluid, as we provide everything you need throughout the shoot. We don’t just serve traditional meals, we also provide other treats to cheer you up and give you the energy you need to continue filming.

Yes, we offer a variety of options for snacks or snacks during breaks in filming. Our catering menus for on-set catering include a variety of snacks and light meals suitable for energy refreshment during filming. This can include fresh fruit, vegetable sticks with your favourite sauces, sandwiches, mini canapés, salads, nut and dried fruit based snacks and a variety of other light snacks. Our aim is to provide tasty and nutritious food that will meet the needs of the crew during the long days of filming and help maintain high levels of energy and focus during filming. In addition, we can also accommodate specific dietary requirements or preferences of the team if required.

If a change is feasible, we adapt quickly and make sure all stakeholders, including the customer and the catering team, are informed of the new arrangements. If the change requires additional services or materials, we will agree on any additional costs and the time needed for implementation.

We are flexible with our catering services on shoots and offer the possibility to tailor menus to suit the preferences and dietary requirements of the film crew. We work with our clients to develop menus that suit their preferences and needs and can accommodate different dietary regimes such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or other special diets. This ensures that the food will be enjoyable and satisfying for all members of the film crew.

Yes, we offer the possibility of tasting or pre-arranging dishes before the actual filming. This allows the client to try out the dishes and make sure they meet their expectations and taste. This allows the client to pre-assess the quality of the food and decide on the final catering menu for the shoot.